INAirs - Foam Tips - Mini Review


Price:  £12 / €15 for 5 pairs from Amazon

Warranty? Yes, the INAirs tips are covered by Satisfaction Guarantee or "100% hassle free Money Back ". Quite a nice thing considering these are just foam tips.

(From Left to Right: SpinFit CP800, Crystalline Audio Crystal Tips (Small Core), INAirs Air3, Comply T-100. All in Medium size)

Size, Material & Durability:

First of all, the INAirs are available in 3 different core diameters: AIR1 (4.6mm - 5.4mm) for most standard in-ear nozzles; AIR2 (5.5mm - 6.5mm); AIR3 (3.5mm - 4mm) for thinner nozzles, such as Westone, Shure and similar ones (Note: the AIR3 actually fit even thinner nozzles). The core is not very elastic, so having 3 sizes is quite a plus to match every IEM (for instance, the AIR1 fit well the RHA MA750 or Sony XBA, but were difficult to mount on the SoundMagic E10 or Hifiman models).
For a full compatibility list, check the INAirs website

The foam material look almost like every other foam eartips, but the INAirs are actually a bit denser compared to the Comply foam tips, and not as easy to compress. As for durability, the company state a pair should last about 4 weeks. In my experience they might last a bit less on a regular use. Extra care is needed, as the foam might tear with apart if forced more than necessary, or detach from the core at the end of the tip. They don't absorb much skin oil, but with their sticky surface they are not easy clean, something not unexpected from foam tips. If anything, you're covered by the money back warranty.

(From Left to Right: Crystalline Audio Crystal Tips (Medium Core), INAirs Air1 and Air2, SpinFit CP100. Medium size)

Fit, Comfort and Isolation:

The INAirs aren't very different than most of foam eartips. Even though, being a bit more dense and less easy to compress, at the beginning they might take some time to fit correctly, but after some tries it's very intuitive easy to achieve a proper seal. With a right fit the INAirs are quite comfortable. A brand new pair may be a bit tight at first, but gets softer after a short break-in period. There was no itch or irritation, at least not more than most of the other foam tips. Isolation is the usual thing for a foam tip, higher than most of silicone tips, and with more isolating IEMs, such as Westone or Shure models, they manage to block a larger amount of noise when used in more crowded areas.

(INAirs & Comply Tx-400. M size)

(Comply Tx-400, INAirs Air2, Air1, Air3. M size)

Sound impressions:

The INAirs foam tips provide a warm and smoother, yet clear sound keeping a fairly well balance. Bass extends well and not just has more quantity but also a bit better quality. Not as fast as with silicone tips or the biggest in impact among other foam tips, but well rounded with fairly natural decay. It is moderately enhanced but also deeper and fuller with some extra gain on the sub-bass region rather than just adding mid-bass kick, resulting less bloated. Control is good, though not as tight as the bass of bi or tri-flange silicone tips. It can still get kind of boomy with bass heavier IEM sets but also helps to gives them a nicer warmth and richness.

The midrange is a bit sweeter, with good layering, texture and space despite the more intimacy of the mids. While not as prominent as the low end, they are very pleasant and musical. Vocals might be veiled in occasions, but in general the clarity is very good and enjoyable.
Similarly, the treble is very smooth and manages to keep a good overall refinement. For its 'safer' presentation it does a good job to maintain its balance with the extra bass emphasis  

Soundstage is rather good but definitely narrower than with wide bore bi-flange eartips.
Next to the famous Shure Olives or Comply Foam (T-series), the INAirs are still brighter sounding, but will make the silicone Spinfit tips sound rather lively v-shaped.

Conclusion & Value:

All-in-all, the INAirs are decent option as aftermarket foam eartips. The sound is presented in a nicer way, being smoother and less fatiguing, and the 3 core sizes is well thought to fit practically any IEM. There're some reservations in terms of durability, but with its full warranty they are worth a try.