VSonic New VSD3S

REVIEW: VSonic VSD3S (New Version)


Sensitivity: 108 dB
Impedance: 40 Ohm 
Frequency: 5Hz- 31.5KHz 
Rated power: 10mW 
Maximum input power: 30mW 
Cable: 1.3m

PriceSGD 68 (~U$D 50) from LMUE


  • 3 pairs of silicone tips 
  • 1 pair of foam tips 
  • 1 pair of ear guides 
  • 1 carrying bag


For some reason Vsonic thinks that they need to be cool looking with the VSD3 (and apparently with VSD5 too). The previous GR series and even VSD1 and 2 where more discreet and plain in their design, but they decided to use a particular “diamond cut” shape for the VSD3s shells. Can’t say the design is really impressive, but the semi-translucent color is a nice touch to see the drivers inside. Build quality is nothing above average with an all plastic material and simply glued cables. They dropped the detachable MMCX option on the previous version, probably due the reported quality issues, which is actually a good decision. Also, the VSD3 series are now missing the rotating metal nozzle that the GR07, 06 and even VSD1 adopted, which I found very convenient to get a best fit. The nozzle on this model is so simple, short and less wide than standard, so finding the right eartips might take some time.
Getting to the cable, the new version cable is very comfortable, behaves well and very pliable even without the included earguides (which I never used or needed). However, it lacks a proper strain relief. The plug is now L-angled and the y-split follows the polygonal ‘diamond’ design, and they’re both unnecessary large and also are missing a cable relief everywhere.

For the fit, the VSD3S is meant to be used over-ear only. The included eartips didn’t work very well and I preferred the Spinfit CP800, Sony hybrid and also RHA single tips, not just for better seal but also for sound results. Getting a good fit and seal is not very difficult and despite the shallow fit from the short nozzle, the VSD3S provide a slightly above average isolation. Even though, the earpieces are not completely comfortable and the reason is the special outer shape with all that sharp geometrical design. It may look cool, but not the most comfortable; for instance the VSD2 and VSD1 were much better in fit.

Sound impressions

This is where Vsonic products tend to shine, and the last VSD3S version is no exception. The VSD3S has the usual Vsonic house signature sound, balanced, detailed and very resolving. It’s very airy with a very slight V-shaped like presentation and a delicate sense of warmness that adds extra fullness and musicality to the sound. While the first VSD models, the VSD1/1S where advertised as having a 70-80% sound of the famous GR07, that statement was a bit hyped in my opinion; the VSD1 offered an excellent sound back then, no doubt, but it wasn’t truly mimicking the old company flagship. On the other hand, the VSD3, which are supposedly tuned with a Westone W4 in mind, are actually much closer to the GR07 sound that aimed for a total balance.

Labeled as “enhanced bass”, the low end on the new VSD3S is impactful with a strong punch and a bit more emphasis into the mid-bass region, but it’s far from being overwhelming and won’t take the attention of the listener if the played track doesn’t allow it. Still, the bass should be considered as north of neutral, being full-bodied with great control and accuracy with a relatively natural decay and depth considering its sub $50 price. The texture keeps the typical Vsonic style and speed is quite good, especially with some extra amplification.

Following the v-shaped nature, the midrange itself is slightly recessed next to the low and upper ends, but free of any bass bleed and with excellent level of detail, clarity and more importantly, resolution. Despite being placed a little far away, it presents a very good sense of distance and space between instruments or voices still having the usual nice amount of warmth and sweetness. Similarly to the VSD1S the 3S was marked as more suited for upper/female vocals, and while that statement is quite accurate, I found the VSD3S to be much better balanced between lower and upper midrange from what I remember on the 1S, just having a bit more energy and forwardness towards the upper part which might give an effect of a bit thinner lower mids.

Treble is forward and very energetic, mainly towards the lower treble, crispy and full of sparkle, well extended at the higher top. The extra emphasis also means it tends to be a bit too sharp and not very forgiving. Like many Vsonic IEMs, the VSD3S is not sibilance free, although it starts to fade away after a proper burn-in process. Transparency is very good and the VSD3 gives that illusion of sounding like a more expensive earphone.

The presentation on the VSD3S spacious, nicely layered and very open. The slight lively signature contributes to offer a wide stage impression and has very decent sense of height for a small in-ear, and even though it lacks depth, it is airy with excellent imaging. Dynamics are very good as well, and while the wider presentation gives up some 3D effect, the left-to-right separation is very coherent.

Worth the money?

The original VSD3/3S were advertised as being tuned with the Westone W4 sound in mind. While I haven't got a chance to try those first versions, I think this new VSD3S is more tuned like a W3 (or current W30), and find that to be a rather good thing. The fit didn’t work as good as with the other Vsonic offers, nor are the build quality and design something impressive, and missing the adjusting nozzle is a disadvantage for a Vsonic IEM. Nonetheless, the overall sound quality, well balanced and detailed presentation is what makes the new VSD3S version a worth product.