Auglamour RX-1

REVIEW: Auglamour RX-1


  • Driver: 10mm Dynamic driver            
  • Sensitivity: 110dB
  • Impedance: 15 Ω
  • Frequency: 10-25kHz

Price: ~U$D 24.
Available in 3 colors: Black, silver and gold.


  • 6 pairs of foam pads (3 regular and 3 donut)
  • Carry case
  • Clip
  • 2 silicone wristbands and metal logo (if you call these ‘accessories’)



The design on the RX-1 earbud is both very solid and elegant at the same time. Build quality and finish is excellent, with zinc alloy material on the shells, y-split and straight plug. With a dynamic transducer of 10mm, the shells are quite compact and sit very well and flush in the ears. They may not look as having a special ergonomic shape, and feel a bit heavy in hands, but in practice they are very comfortable (even more with foam pads). The cable is thick enough and a bit springy but behaves well and doesn’t tend to tangle with ease.

Sound Quality

The overall sound is very natural with excellent level of clarity and resolution. It's full and very detailed in each frequency without sounding too flat as analytical earphones can be. The tuning on RX-1 is excellent, with a slight addition of warmth which makes it very musical and engaging, yet putting the detail as a high priority.

The bass has strong presence. While not huge in quantity, it's still more than the usual earbuds have. Very tight and controlled, with a surprising great extension and speed. Sub bass has good impact and reaches a good depth if properly paired. Bass boost from the Cayin C5 or A5 amplifiers works as wonder on the RX-1 without losing in body or texture. Foam pads are recommended, and personally I find the donut style pads to be enough.

The fullness of the sound is more obvious when getting into the midrange regions, mimicking a larger headphone rather than the standard small earbuds. The whole midrange has very good clarity and incredible detail, sounding very open and very transparent. The transparency doesn't immediately translates in being picky on source, though the distant and forwardness of the sound depends a bit of the source in play.
The Zen 2.0 with its 300ohm impedance is more lively and dynamic if properly matched, and also more aggressive, while the RX-1 is relatively flatter all the way.
Despite the delicate warmth on the RX-1, it still lacks the lushness and liquidity of something like the Shozy Cygnus, especially in the vocals department, but the RX-1 has the upper hand on terms of separation by a very small margin.

Treble extends extremely well with a fine texture and micro detail that rivals much more expensive sets. It has a slight analytical touch, not too bright but yes very effortless and open. Sparkly and never harsh or sibilant, tough can be too airy and clinical than just natural through a bright source such as the C5 amp or Amp-S.

The presentation is impressive as well. Stage doesn't sound small or close at all, but is not unnaturally wide, rather very natural in size with good layering and imaging. Very good in terms of dynamics as well and the whole sound is quite effortless.


Truly outstanding! From design and build quality to fit and comfort, and most importantly in pure sound quality that scores way higher than its low price would suggest, the RX-1 is simply perfect. While most of the earphones available at this price (which also sound good) usually use a very generic and large (and at times cheap) design, Auglamour put some extra effort in the RX-1 and made one of the earphones that simply deserves the ‘best value’ award. It’s probably the easiest earbud to recommend that not just does not compromise with anything, but also sounds great.