AuGlamour R8

REVIEW: AuGlamour R8 - Great Sound - Flawed design


  • Driver Unit: 10mm Dynamic
  • Sensitivity: 110dB
  • Impedance: 16 Ω
  • Frequency: 10-25kHz
  • Plug: 3.5mm 
  • Cable Length: 1.2m

Price:  ~U$D 40
Available in Silver or Black

  • silicone tips x 3 (s/m/l)
  •  foam tips x 1
  • earguides
  • case
  •   clip



As usual, starting from the shells their build quality is excellent with a very sturdy metal alloy material which do have a bit of weight when held in hands. They’re certainly a nice looking pair of in-ear with a unique design. The earpieces adopt a standard 2-pin connection, which is something rather unusual for a low priced IEM. The socket themselves are very good and work well with most 2-pin cables. Getting to the cable, unfortunately, the connectors are quite of low quality. The pins are a bit shorter than needed and the connection is not tight enough. The issue is obviously on the cable itself as with aftermarket cables it was perfect. The rest of the cable is your standard budget detachable option, twisted strands with an easy to mold memory wire, plastic tube slider and y-split and angled 3.5mm plug.

Things just go wrong with fit on the R8. Sure, everyone have their own ears, but the R8 is probably the most impossible earphone to fit I’ve ever tried. It may be either the custom-like shape of the shells, the short nozzle, their angle, or the combination of all what makes the R8 very difficult to adjust. Included silicone or foam, extra double or flange tips, SpinFit or other foam tips, none of these worked for the R8 or barely hold a decent seal. Very disappointing as the sound quality is really good.

Sound Quality

The overall balance is definitely a strong characteristic of the R8. For the low price, it has is excellent presence of each frequency and the sound is very refined and detailed. It's not missing a fun factor, but it reminds a lot of higher priced IEMs which tend to balance more the sound rather than putting extra emphasis on a specific range.

The low end is strong but far from overwhelming. It reaches a good depth and it's also rather fast, showing great control and accuracy. The bass presence is well weighted in the presentation with a very realistic attack and decay for the low price. If anything, there's a small mid-bass lift for more impact but overall remains quite tight against its similar-priced contenders which tend to throw a lot of bass amounts losing in control.

The midrange is very well balanced with the low end and boosts an impressive level of detail and clarity. It's warm and very clean, not too forward and not too thick. The resolution is surprisingly good, very reminiscent of some accuracy oriented earphones such from VSonic or HiFiMan at a much lower price. Notes have a slight warmer tone but separation and air is really good. Vocals are very nice on the R8, not too forward but with a sweet texture and great detail. Upper vocals can sound a bit too forward but aren't sibilant at all; similar to the Ostry KC06 or VSD3S but fuller, smoother and more engaging.

The treble presence is very well balanced, a bit bright, tough its focus is more towards the lower treble and upper mids making the R8 a bit aggressive IEM but without a hint of sibilance or harshness and free of grain. The extension is very competent and scales better from a stronger source. The R8 is not as airy and detailed as the RE-0, but still more refined and forgiving than the VSD3S or Ostry KC06, and more resolving than the recent RM800.
Separation is great for its low price, and imaging and dynamics are quite good as well. For the price, it's more than impressive. It's a very effective earphone, but scales really well with some decent amplifier; I'd tested it with the new A5 and it's simple an amazing combination and one of the earphones that shows the amp strengths.


Simply put, the Auglamour R8 is a perfect example of ‘Mixed bag of things’, half excellent and half awful. Build quality on the shells is excellent, but the design is utterly flawed; cable is comfortable but 2-pin connections are very weak; sound is outstanding but they can barely be used without losing the seal or getting uncomfortable. If Auglamour ever decides to revise and remake the whole design from scratch, then we’d see an excellent product that ranks way higher than its budget price would suggest. As usual, YMVY but unfortunately, as it is I find the R8 very difficult to recommend.