Accutone Gemini HD

REVIEW: Accutone Gemini HD


Gemini HD IEM, one of the higher models from Accutone audio company, with a single Beryllium dynamic driver of 8mm diameter, a mix of stainless steel and aluminum shells and three different tuning nozzles. While there are still some reservations on the overall cable quality and the almost none included accessory pack, the Gemini HD still offers a really impressive sound quality at the price of $130.

Nexum Aqua+

Nexum Aqua+ / Wireless Bluetooth Amplifier

Website: Nexum

Product page: Aqua+


Nexum Aqua+, a new portable wireless Bluetooth receiver with build-in amp/dac. Very small and compact with standard 3.5mm connection to make any headphones into almost ‘wireless’. Supports last BT versions and wireless audio codecs. Two sampling options and 64 digital volume steps through a control wheel and playback control. And more importantly, powerful and good quality sound from a Cirrus Logic DAC chip.

Linum IEM cables (MMCX)

Impressions: Linum G2 – Music, BaX & SuperBaX – IEM Cables (MMCX)

SuperBaX & 1216.ears 3RM

Products page(s): Music G2 ; BaX G2 ; SuperBaX

Dunu DK-3001 – Masters of hybrids?!

Dunu DK-3001 – Masters of hybrids?!

Dunu Top-Sound strike again with another Hi-Res In-ear product! It’s been more than 2 years since the new hybrids models were announced, the DN-2002, DK-3001 and DK-4001. Last year we had the release of the first 4 driver, the DN-2002, which set a different drivers’ setup having two large dynamic drivers combined with the minuscule Knowles dual BA already adopted on the first triple hybrid earphone from the company, the DN-1000. Dunu surely take their time; it is around another year later that the first of the DK series finally appears to the worldwide market. The company certainly doesn’t like to rush things, and that’s a good thing, because the DK-3001 certainly delivers.

Sound impressions and Photos of the LZ A4


The LZ A4 presents a simple yet well done filter tuning system. It consists of 3 bass filters for the dynamic driver placed at the rear/outer part of the shells, and 6 nozzles for the dual BA driver at the front/inner part for midrange and mainly treble tuning. While the frontal filters are needed as a nozzle, the bass port can be used without a rear filter as an extra tuning option. The main effect of the different combinations of front and back filters is on the quantity of lows and highs, with some changes on the midrange region, but in terms of quality and extension the sound remains mostly unchanged. It’s difficult to describe the overall signature of the A4 as it can go from a bassy (and a bit bass heavy) and smooth sound, v-shaped, neutral and even slightly bright, lean and more open sound.

Venture Electronics (VE) Monk Plus

REVIEW: Venture Electronics (VE) Monk Plus – The outstanding gets even better!


Technical specifications

  • Driver: 15.4mm dynamic
  • Frequency: 8 Hz – 22 Khz
  • Impedance: 64 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 112dB +/- 5dB (1mW)
  • Plug: 3.5mm gold plated
  • Cable: 1.2m, TPE outer coat, 128 x 0.06 4n ofc copper
  • Weight: ~15g

Price:  $5 ~ $30 + Shipping, depending on the version.