Shozy Cygnus

REVIEW: Shozy Cygnus


Price: U$D 80~90.

Design & Build Quality:

The Cygnus is a very nice looking earbud with its white and silver theme. The housings are made of plastic with a very smooth surface, although don't feel very sturdy, but are very compact and light. The shape is the same that was used on the famous Yuin PK series, and also Sunrise and old Crossroads. The cable is very good, braided and twisted 4 strand silver color. It starts to show some oxidation rather fast, but seems to be only on the external part. There's a proper cable slider too, but the y-split is just a short and thin plastic tube, which is also found on many IEM cables. It's terminated with Oyaide straight plug, which is a bit heavy compared to rest of the earphone.


Fit & Comfort:

These small and compact housings make the Cygnus one of the most comfortable earphones ever. Like the Yuin PK design, these earbuds weight nothing and are very ergonomic that practically disappear. The small design should work well for small and medium ears, although those with larger ears might find it tricky to get a proper fit for best sound results.


The overall sound of the Cygnus is very slightly forward and lively with very subtle added warmness at the central and upper mids. It shows a very good balance, speed and clarity with some extra priority to vocals. It is also a rather easy to drive earphone (though, sensitivity and impedance are unknown).

Bass is tight, clean, accurate and well-textured. Not large in quantity but well present with enough impact when needed; the usual deal for an earbud, punchy and fairly linear. The VE Asura has a stronger bass response, while the Cyngus is still bigger than the Fiio EM3 or Monk.

Midrange is rather neutral, slightly full and has a nice sweet and natural texture well matched for vocals. Very clean from any bass bleed with a natural sense of warmth, neither forward nor recessed in position and just a bit intimate. The mids remain smooth and liquid with a noticeable extra energy at the upper region for a crispy and sparkly presentation. The detail retrieval of the Cygnus is surprisingly good and very good in its price range. It works well with male vocals, but female ones can almost shine with the Cygnus, being more engaging and slightly sweeter and manage to remain free of sibilance.

Treble is a tad prominent but well controlled and with good extension. The lower treble is a bit more forward, and it is also the reason for the stronger upper midrange emphasis. The Yuin PK1 is still smoother and similarly extended, but more source dependant, whereas the Cygnus has a stronger personal character regardless the source. The Cygnus manages to provide a high level of micro detail and resolution without sounding 'analytical'. It is a good all-rounder earbud, but personally I'd choose it for acoustic instruments over electronic genres.
Soundstage is bit wider than average. Each element is well balanced, and maybe just a bit overly exciting. The earphone doesn’t require any kind of extra amplification. Hiss is not an issue either, but still not as quiet as the 150+ ohm competitors. The Cygnus pairs well with either a warm dap or amp, like the HM700 or FA HDB, which give the earbud a fuller lower end and better extension, or cleaner AMP-S, Cayin C5, X5 or PAW5000 for better details and accuracy.

Final thoughts:

There're still a few things that could be improved on the Cygnus, like some extra accessories, a better finished cable that doesn't oxidize so fast with a nicer y-split too, and the earpieces could be more sturdy that simple plastic. But, in terms of comfort the first Shozy earbud is a winner, and the design is really very nice if you like a white/silver theme. Most importantly, its sound signature and presentation is what makes the Cygnus a great contender and one of my favorite earphones.