Advanced Evo-X

REVIEW: Advanced Evo-X - Wireless

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  •         Driver Unit: Single Beryllium Dynamic Driver
  •         Impedance: 32ohm
  •         Sensitivity: 98dB
  •         Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  •         Rated Power Input: 3mW
  •         Maximum Input Power: 10mW
  •         Music/talk Time (Wireless): up to 5 hours
  •         Charging Time: 2 hours
  •         Bluetooth Version: 4.1
  •        Connection Distance: 10m (33ft)
  •         Input Port: MicroUSB

Price:  U$D 60.

3 Years Warranty!



·        3 pairs of single silicone eartips (S/M/L)
·        3 pairs of foam eartips (S/M/L)
·        Case
·        Micro USB cable


The Advanced EVO-X is an entirely wireless sport type earphone that works through Bluetooth connection. The design adopts a strict over-ear with a very solid build quality, well made for sport use also being water and sweat resistant. While the whole earpieces are made of a plastic material they don’t feel cheap at all. The cable is comfortable and has an attached slider that helps to get a secure fit.
The part that goes into the ear canal is compact with half-ear angled design. This is also reflected in the level of isolation being below average, which is not bad per-se considering the sport usage. The rest of the shell is rather large and the fit is very tight, which might mean some comfort issues for some people. Personally I didn’t fit them very comfortable with the back part pressing around the back of the ear, and getting a decent seal was not an easy task. Compared to the Model 3, the fit and comfort differences are strongly noticed, as the previous model is one of the most comfortable earphones to get.

BT (Wireless) Connectivity

Pairing the EVO-X is simple as any standard BT devices. It was quickly recognized by some smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy older models, iPhone 4S and Nexus. The PAW5000 portable player also showed no issues. The rated battery time seems accurate, however, there were some issues with the connection where the music suddenly stops playing or the connection cuts off despite being within a close range to the phone or player.


The EVO-X third in-ear model from Advanced (previously ADV.Sound), and first sport wireless one, has the warmer presentation with a more midrange emphasis, that while not mid-centered per-se, offers a richer and smoother sound among the three models. If the M4 was the flatter and more linear in response, and the Model 3 (M3) the lively, open and wider sounding IEM of the company, the Evo should the darker, more laid-back and forgiving one, but also less versatile in terms of genre compatibility.

While not being a bass focused in-ear set, the low end is nothing weak in anyway. It hits with good depth and strong impact. Sub-bass is well present, but mid-bass takes a higher priority without being the main focus on the whole presentation. The warmer and smoother signature limits the note presentation and overall resolution being softer and less dynamic; still fun sounding and well achieved for a sport IEM. The Evo is not as clear or resolving as the M4 or M3, but competes very well in its price range for a wireless BT sport IEM being far from sounding boomy and bloated. The pricier M3, on the other hand, is a touch cleaner and quicker at the expense of slightly dryer and colder sound.

Midrange is easy to like. While not being as prominent as the low end, it’s offered in a very pleasant warm and smooth way. It is clean and have very decent amount of detail just limited by the similar slightly soft and warmer tonality note presentation as the bass. Rich in texture with a slight sweetness for vocals and pop/rock music. However, not really meant for classical and instrumental genres, where separation and airiness is needed.

Similarly, the treble is mostly smooth and very inoffensive without missing in refinement. It throws off some of the overall balance giving more priority to the lower frequencies sounding a bit dark at times wishing for some extra brightness and crisper tones, but in general the overall clarity is good. Soundstage is, as expected, around average. About the same level of the M4, being far from the wider and well extended M3 which was quite impressive for its price.

All-in-all, I found the Evo-X to be most enjoyable and easy going sound among the current Advanced in-ear line. While the fit or isolation is not the strong point, the tougher build quality for sport use is a huge plus and the 3 years warranty is great for a product that goes below the $100 mark.