Tin Audio T2

REVIEW: Tin Audio T2 – Dual Dynamic IEM

Here’s another new affordable in-ear model from a small Chinese company, Tin Audio. Instead of taking part of the so congested popular market, the T2 consists of a dual dynamic drivers’ setup. A small IEM with very good characteristics, nonetheless.

  • Driver: Dual Dynamic, 10mm woofer & 6mm tweeter
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Frequency: 12~40000Hz
  • Plug: 3.5mm gold-plated straight plug
  • Cable: 1.2m, copper silver-plated

Price: U$D 50.

The T2 IEM arrives in a hassle free outer paper box that holds a very elegant blue box that easily unfolds revealing the two earpieces and the twisted cable in the middle. Below are the 3 sizes of silicone eartips and 1 pair of foam tips. The cable is nicely wrapped inside. The typical minimal accessory set, but with a cool unboxing at just the $50 price.


The T2 shells are made entirely of a metal allow. The quality is excellent with a smooth finish and no annoying sharp edges. The earpieces have a straight tube design, with an added part for the removable cable socket. They adopt the standard MMCX type compatible with most aftermarket cables.

The cable itself is great as well, an 8-wire setup, tightly twisted from the solid 3.5mm straight plug to the MMCX connectors, which have a good connection to the socket on the earpieces side. Both y-split and slider are made of simple short plastic tubes.

The design is quite comfortable and can be used either with the cable down or up. The seal is easy to achieve and isolation level is a bit above average for the daily use. the shells are on the low weight and the cable holds minimal to none microphonics.


The T2 IEM has a very unique sound tuning, and very rare for this budget price range. While it combines two dynamic drivers, it has nothing overdone or bloated, and doesn’t have a too bassy or too warm signature as a dual dynamic setup might suggest. On the contrary, the T2 has a rather neutral, more flat tuning, well balanced, weighted and very detailed. The best way to describe the sound would be “neutral with a good sense of musicality”. It reminds of the Soundmagic E80 and Ostry KC06 for their neutral yet enjoyable sound, transparency and high level of detail.

The bass is small in quantity and soft in impact but quality is very good. It is tight, controlled and well layered with good speed and attack, just a bit quick in decay. It shows the typical sub-bass reach over similar priced BA sets, and quite true to the track with minimal coloration; doesn’t really stands out but rarely missing when called for. Due the kind of flatter response the T2 works nice with some amplifier bass boost or even quick EQ if really needed.

The midrange is very clear, very slightly forward and rich in detail. Surprisingly clear and airy, very strong in transparency with some extra tilt towards the upper half mids frequencies. There’s excellent balance between instruments and voices. Less engaging than the SoundMagic E80 and not too sweet for female vocals as the KC06, and the tonality can be colder with a brighter source, but pairs better with warmer devices.

Treble has a north of neutral to brighter tonality. Extension is good having the smaller 6mm single driver acting as a tweeter. It’s not as forward or aggressive as the more U/V-shaped VSD3s or KC06A, but yes more present than the smoother VSD5s. Not particularly harsh and don’t show a serious sense of grain, but may show some sibilance with some tracks. With more orchestral music, the upper instruments can be a bit dry, though the detail, separation and air stand out, and can handle more complex tracks really well for being a $50 IEM.

All in all, the Tin Audio T2 proved to be a great performer for the suggested $50 price. Strong build quality with a well-made cable and (so far) solid MMCX connections, and the straight design is compact and easy to wear. The sound quality is quite unique, with a more neutral presentation, detailed and well controlled, that differs from the more common budget oriented earphones, and worth a try.

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