iBasso IT01s - Unboxing, photos and first impressions

iBasso IT01s

Photos & very first impressions on the new iBasso IT01s.

The box and accessory pack is identical to the IT01, with the addition of extra nozzle filters and rubber rings if needed. 3 sets of silicone single tips and 2 pairs of foam tips and round metal case.

The cable is different. First of all, the wire is Mono crystal copper in silver-plated shield, and consists of 2 strands. The amount of wire is clearly plenty, and the cable itself is soft too. Like the IT04 flagship, the plug termination is of 2.5mm balanced with the added 2.5mm to single 3.5mm short cable adapter, that already arrived attached to the main cable. The MMCX plugs too, have the same 4 split as the IT01 and IT04 for better and tighter connection to the earpieces.

The design is identical to the original IT01, with the triangle shape outer part and more ergonomic inner part. Shell material seems also to be similar if not the same, though  it uses now electroplating tech on; basically a metal coating, which may have some acoustics effects too. 
The nozzle are also stainless steal, and just a bit longer and wider than on the IT01 due the removable filters.

Fit is just as good. The earpieces are so lightweight and give a decent isolation level.

Like the IT01, the 01s also is available in 2 color themes, Smoke gray and Mist blue. Gray one here, though it looks more like a 'mirror silver'.

Early sound impressions

iBasso suggest at least 100 hours of burn-in for the new IT01s IEM, and even more than 200 hours to reach the best results. The reason is the new driver type, using a mix of Carbon Nanotube (CNT) with Diamond Like Coating (DLC) and Tesla magnets as well.

Nonetheless, even after a some hours of use the IT01s sound is worth writing about. First thing to notice is the overall balance and very even weight on each part, and hard to even call it a u-shape signature. It sounds quite different than both the IT01 and IT04, though clearly keeps a similar iBasso kind of tuning, with a hint of warmth and fullness.

Control is excellent on the bass with a more effortless reach but thinner in texture and much less mid-bass emphasis. The single graphene driver had good sub and mid bass balance, but the IT01s is more even and cleaner. Midrange is smooth, very slightly forward with good clarity. Still a bit thinner at the upper mids, what might improve with some more run, though already better and more controlled than the IT01. 
At the moment the final E4000 is more forward and richer on the midrange and more fun on the upper mid/lower high, better suited for female singers and guitars.

Treble is probably the best part so far. Yes, it is brighter, but the control is excellent and shows high refinement for its price. Similar to the IT04 treble, not as full and extended yet, but smooth, detailed and comfortable. Sounds very natural and if compared to similar priced options like the Dunu Falcon-C and Advanced GT3, these two are brighter, sharper and less forgiving, with a more lively v-shaped sound, while the IT01s is more linear. Stage is not as wide as these two but still very coherent and clean imaging.

Again, these are first impressions and full review should be up after a proper burn-in as suggested.