Venture Electronics - Bonus IE

REVIEW - Venture Electronics (VE) Bonus IE

Price: U$20.

  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 115 dB
  • Frequency range: 17-22000 Hz
  • Driver: 10mm Dynamic Driver (N52+)
  • Shell: Aluminum Alloy - matte finish
  • Plug: 3.5mm 
  • Cable: 1.2m; 99.99% OFC

The included package is fine for a budget model. There is a nice small case with 6 pairs of standard silicone ear tips.


The Bonus IE (or just BIE) has a simple and very standard straight design. The housings are all metal, aluminum alloy, and have a compact cylindrical shape with smoothed edges. The color on the VE site seems more like silver but appears to hold a bronze look. At the back part there seems to be a kind of vent but don't see it really works as there is a very strong and sharp driver flex on both earpieces; pretty much the only downside on the BIE. The nozzle too is short and not wide enough, so almost no ear tips attach well on it, and in the end the included stock tips worked best.

The fit is pretty easy with this kind of regular design and the BIE is lightweight, resulting in a comfortable earphone for daily use. The nozzle length does not allow a deeper fit on the ear canal, though isolation is still decent. Driver flex can still be annoying when adjusting the earpieces from time to time.

The cable is fixed and the same kind of the one used on the Monk earbuds. It consists of two cables attached together and it's thick but still flexible enough. It does hold some memory effect out of the box and fades away a bit after some days.


The sound quality is not just good on the Bonus IE, but really good for just a $20 earphone. Not going to beat on the $100 price range, but still a very strong offer on the $50 and below price bracket.

The sound takes a strong and well emphasized low-end with a bit of lively v-shaped character to sound more energetic and sparkly with surprisingly good control and coherence. The bass is dominant for sure with a powerful boost on the mid-bass range, though good extension and well leveled sub-bass. It is well layered and textured with decent speed that avoids sounding muddy or too overwhelming; however, there is still that continuous bump on the mid-bass. It is not thick enough nor it reaches much depth to be a heavy-bass IEM, but the bass is fun and has more than enough of impact for most kind of music.

Despite the strong bass focus there is little bleed into the upper frequencies resulting in a rather clean midrange. It is clear and detailed with some sense for warmth, but remains just a bit behind the whole low-end. There is still good weight and solid texture on notes, and while not too spacious the instruments separation is very good at the price. Vocals are clear and detailed, not sweet but not thin or lacking. Male singers sound a bit fuller; female are still smooth enough with rare sings of sibilance even out of a standard phone.

The treble is sparkly and energetic bringing a bit brighter overall tonality that compensates well the bass dominance. It is still very forgiving and less prone to show sibilance even on usual tracks where some harshness is present. In comparison, the KZ ZS5 and ZS6, Vsonic VSD2s and 3s are easily more edgy and show more grain, while something like the Sony MH1 goes much smoother than the Bonus IE; even so, the Bonus IE has the greater control and refinement.

The presentation is around average, very acceptable and more than could be expected. Nothing too wide but not closed or intimate either. More importantly, it is spacious and shows a good amount of air despite the powerful bass impact.


Nowadays, the market is congested by so many multi driver hybrids at budget price, so it's quite refreshing to have a just single dynamic that performs this well. Those who can overlook or just don't care about the sharp driver flex, and also won't mind the simple look and are ready to try different ear tips, then should find the VE Bonus IE an excellent audio product for the low $20 price. Just don't think it twice because it is sold out pretty fast.