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Impressions - SpinFit CP360 – For True Wireless Earphones

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Unlike the other SpinFit models that arrive in a one size per package when sold separately, the CP360 are offered in 2 sizes per pack. Not sure about the reason behind this, but probably because they are meant to be used primarily with True Wireless in-ear earphones that usually have more shallow fit, so using the usual tips sizes would not reach the same depth into the ear canal. In fact, I usually use the M size SpinFit on all their other models, and with the CP360 I had to use M and L sizes depending on the TW earphones.

The original SpinFit models were the CP100 for most IEMs and CP800 for IEMs with very narrow nozzles like Etymotic and Shure. Now there are various newer models with different inner tube diameter and length/height. Made specifically to fit a larger number of True Wireless, CP360 has inner tube of 3.6mm diameter, while the outer width goes from 10.5mm to 13mm and length of the tip ~8mm. The short length compared to more standard tips is meant to match the TW sets where the distance from the base of the nozzle to the top of the tip is usually very short. Also, this meant to be able to fit the charging cases of these wireless earphones that do not have too much of space inside.

The silicone material seems of good quality. They have a bit more sticky surface but not does not affect the fit or comfort. Despite the short body the seal is very quick to achieve, thanks to both the silicone material and the own SpinFit the patented 360º rotating axis that adjusts easier, more natural to the ear canal.

Now, for the impressions here, I have tried the CP360 with Master&Dynamic MW07, Zolo (Anker) Liberty+ and the new Jays m-Seven. All of these TW sets are very different in size, shape and also their included ear tips, as well as their charging cases. (Sound impressions with Liberty+ and m-Seven only - reason below)

The Liberty+ tips are shorter but wider than the corresponding CP360 sizes. As such, a larger SpinFit size suits better for the Liberty+. With CP360 the seal is much better with a bit better isolation; the Liberty tips have a much smoother texture and the top of the nozzle is placed almost at the same level as the tip opening.

On the m-Seven, the included tips have a rather long outer flange, though the core is short inside, also putting the nozzle very close to the top of the tips. The CP360 while shorter, still give more distant from the earphone nozzle to the top of the SpinFit tip. Isolation and comfort is practically the same – the m-Seven are one of the most comfortable earphones and already provide a good level of passive noise isolation.

Lastly, the MW07. The MW07’s ear tips are pretty standard like a regular wired IEM, and larger are more spherical than the CP360. The CP360 do not work well with the MW07 and it is not possible to get a proper seal. However, the usual SpinFit models should fit well, and at least the CP100 were fine enough.

As for fitting inside the charging cases. As can be seen on the photos, there are no issues with the MW07 because the included tips are already larger that the SpinFit, and even fit a bit loose inside the case. With the Zolo Liberty+ they stick out just a bit more than with the stock tips, but still can be closed and be charged. Unfortunately, with the Jays the charging case cannot be closed with the CP360 on. (Apparently there is a same issue with the Sennheiser Momentum TW pair.)

In terms of sound, the CP360 are not much different than other SpinFit models. Both m-Seven and Liberty have a powerful bass response; the m-Seven being darker and more enhanced on the low-end, while the Liberty more v-shaped. There is a bit more treble presence and air on the upper frequencies area that starts from the up-midrange. Not a better treble quality but yes more quantity. The bass is just a bit reduced in impact, specifically in the mid-bass, so the sound is less muddy towards the mids. The CP360 with the Zolo Liberty+ bring more balance in lows and highs quantities resulting in a bit more even presentation overall. With the Jays m-Seven, the differences are much less noticed, but if anything a bit clearer and tighter and less overwhelming bass response.

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