final E5000

REVIEW - S’NEXT final E5000

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  • Housing: Stainless steel mirror-finished
  • Driver: 6.4mmΦ dynamic driver
  • Sensitivity: 93dB
  • Impedance: 14Ω
  • Weight: 24g
  • Cable: 1.2m; MMCX Connector; OFC silver plated coated wire

Price: ~U$ 265.


As another model of the E series, the E5000 has a very compact and straight cylindrical design. It is identical to the lower E4000 just differing in material used, well deserved as the current highest model of the line. The dynamic driver inside is a small one of 6.4mm diameter allowing the housings to very compact and lightweight. The material here is stainless steel (like the E3000, if not wrong) over the aluminum alloy applied on the E4000 and E2000. The mirror like finish is very sleek and gives a very premium look. It does add a little bit of weight but nothing to be noticed. The 'final' and 'E5000' writings are printed on each side of the earpieces and R and L labels at their bottom. The nozzles have a standard diameter of ~5mm so the usual ear tips can be used here. There is proper lip at the top part of the nozzle and a thin mesh piece on them.

The earpieces are very light and very easy and comfortable fit. The housings seem to be completely sealed but no driver flex that could be noticed. The nozzle may be short but the long and thin design provides a good seal with the included final tips, although isolation is just around average.

The cable is supposedly an improved one with silver-plated OFC wire that can be easily seen through the transparent jacket (PU, probably). It consists of 4 separated strands each one holding two twisted SPC wires inside. The MMCX connectors are differentiated by red and black rings to mark the right and left sides. Metal covers are used on the 3.5mm plug, y-split and MMCX parts as well, with the same mirror like finish. While the cable looks of good quality, its main disadvantage is on the noise; not an issue if worn over-ear but with the usual cable down way it can be annoying, especially when compared to the so soft and quiet E4000's cable.


Main IEMs for comparison: final E4000, Dunu Falcon-C, Symphonium Audio Aurora, FLC 8n, Periodic Audio Be.
Sources: iBasso DX120, Fiio M6 and K3, HiBy R6 Pro, AQ Dragonfly RED.

From the lower priced model E4000 with a kind of unique tuning on its midrange, specially with female vocals and full and energetic lower treble, the E5000 here takes a different yet very good and much more balanced tuning as well. The sound holds very strong technical traits but also in a most enjoyable sound presentation that ranks very well for the price.

The low end is large and powerful but nothing overdone. It is very full from the lower sub-bass and continues well balanced up to the upper bass. The mid-bass kicks with strong impact, though not in a heavy-bass fashion. It packs high quality, great texture, extension and depth, full rumble yet well controlled, not too aggressive and doesn't get tiring after extended listening. Not the tightest bass out there, and doesn't try to be, but definitely is fast and very dynamic with good layering.

Midrange is natural and rich, engaging with a bit of warm tonality. It is not too thick or too forward to be considered mid forward sounding like the E4000, but yes well weighted from low to high midrange with a very balanced and linear response. It is musical and coherent and strikes with great resolution and natural flow of details. The separation is well done, though not the most airy against more technical sounding competitors - like the FLC8n or Dunu DN2002 -, however the E5000 is fuller and more dynamic and enjoyable. Vocals are fairly sweet; weightier on male vocals than the E4000, and while not as euphonic with female, they are more clear and detailed on the E5000.

The highs are spot-on on the E5000. Neither too laid-back nor very bright, just very nicely balanced with a proper amount of sparkle, energy and crash when needed that won't go too excessive or tiring. They sound very accurate and refined carrying a high level of detail which it arrives in a smoother musical way. For instance, the E4000 has more lower-treble attack while the E5000 is more linear and controlled, with further and more effortless upper extension.

The presentation is fairly large and very spacious; too surprising for just a single, and relatively small, 6.4mm driver. Soundstage is very wide and shows great depth, just not as impressive height. However, it can scale much better with some extra power or amplification. The E5000 is not very efficient with the sensitivity turned down even lower than the E4000. The better the source the better the response of the E5000, but even so, the small Fiio K3 proved to be an excellent match (and practically the same volume level as the Hifiman Sundara to give some reference) with plenty of headroom and extension.