Tin Audio T3

REVIEW - Tin Audio (Hifi) T3

  • Driver(s): 10mm dynamic + Knowles BA
  • Sensitivity: 95 dB +/- 3dB
  • Impedance: 16 ohm
  • Frequency response: 10Hz~40kHz
  • Cable: 1.25m; detachable MMCX connectors

Price: U$ 59~69.

I previously had the first T2 model (not Pro) and the T1 later on. While the drivers' setups on the T2 and T2 Pro were identical with a so reported very slight tuning, the T1 made a total contrast to the detail oriented T2. Should mention that I wasn't much interested in the T3, but got to try it out of curiosity.

The box is presented very similarly to the T2 but just larger and a touch more fancy. The ear tips selection is also wider with 2 types of silicone sets in 3 sizes and 2 pairs of memory foam tips. A carrying case is still missing, though.


While the internal drivers have been changed from a dual dynamic setup to a more popular hybrid of 1 dynamic + 1 single balanced armature, the T3 retains a very close design and same good build quality of the T2. The earpieces are all metal that seem sturdy and are lightweight to wear with a straight in-ear shape. The finish is very smooth and do not show any sharp edge. The MMCX sockets are labeled by red and blue rings.

Like the T2 and similar shaped earphones the fit very straightforward, though with the included cable it obligates the user to wear them over-ear due the fixed cable guides. Anyway, they are compact enough with a narrower shape towards the nozzle making them very unobtrusive. Isolation is on the low side and wind noise might be an issue.

The cable looks more 'premium' with the mixed silver and gold strands and it's also thicker compared to the tight and compact one included with the T2 despite having both a 8-wire configuration. The MMCX plugs have been update too over the usual MMCX standard type found on low priced earphones, and now adopt a tighter connection with a splited plug (similar to that found on the DMG from BGVP). It is less recommended to be detached with frequency. They also added a plastic tube to act as ear guides, and personally do not like the addition as this limits wearing the T3 over-ear, despite having a more secure fit. The cable has much more rubbery touch too over the T2 cable that was very smooth.


The sound presentation continues the very neutral and uncolored presentation that the T2 is popular for but in different fashion, maybe with the different driver hybrid setup. Instead of the 6mm working as tweeter there's now a BA unit that should be working for the mid and high frequencies, leaving the lows to a similar 10mm dynamic.

Bass is very slightly north of neutral at most with very soft impact and light weight. It lacks body and texture but is fast and accurate. The sub bass is as much as present as the mid-bass with very minimal rumble when called for and not particularly rolled off despite the low quantities. It is inoffensive but shows good speed and resolution for the price.

Following the very neutral sound, the midrange is very well balanced with a little faint touch of richness, probably thanks to the BA unit. It is clean, smooth and very articulated. While weight is not lacking in the lower mids, when getting towards the upper mid part it is a bit more energetic and full. In spite of that it is not prone to sibilance at usual moderate volumes, and works rather well with female vocals with a sweeter texture.

While the highs are also energetic on the lower area they are well controlled and show a capable level of detail, more than the price could suggest. The whole treble is rarely sharp and will not sound aggressive, though there is a slight early roll-off and less extension at the top, which won't be very surprising for a single balanced armature.
Soundstage is average at best but it sounds very coherent, more than could be expected for a typical hybrid set.